About INK Global Foundation

The purpose of INK Global Foundation is to drive and support the INK Fellows Program and other such programs in the future, primarily supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

The purpose of the foundation is met by

  • Providing necessary resources and international exposure to the global innovators from across India as well as outside India
  • Establishing a network of physical and online activities, thus creating a strong peer and resource network that is sustainable and replicable.

Currently, our program selects and supports innovators from across the globe who are working towards persistent international problems and creating solutions that can be used and adapted worldwide.

INK Fellows Program

Started in 2010, the INK Fellows program is a global cross-disciplinary community of young path-breakers who, we believe, will be the shapers of tomorrow. Every year, from thousands of applications, we identify 20 young minds that are redefining their fields of expertise and the world around them. Today the Program has grown into a steadfast network of over-220 young thinkers from diverse disciplines and continents.

The mission of the INK Fellows Program is to accelerate the journey of changemakers, by giving them a platform for international exposure, a strong peer network, spurring collaborations, funding and mentorship support. We aim to identify these changemakers and help them to success, by giving voice to their untold stories and visibility to their innovative solutions.

Grants & Investments - INK awards grants to INK Fellows to fund their ambitious projects.
We also help fundraise and mobilize VC Investments.

Collaborations - As passionate individuals from diverse disciplines come together, surprising and innovative collaborations are inevitable.

Connections & Exposure - INK community is committed to use their resources, experience and influence to ensure that new leaders shine. We actively facilitate these connections and make international and online exposure possible.

What the Fellows have to say

INK has been the transformative platform that not only helped in proving the perfect ecosystem for the growth of our idea but was also the driving force of our learning and evolutionary growth. Through INK, we had the opportunity to present to Ratan Tata and that facilitated us receiving an investment from TATA. There will always be a little bit of INK behind everything BOHECO does.
Sanvar Oberoi, Co-founder, BOHECO, INK 2013 Fellow

With a grant from INK and the larger INK ecosystem, I was able to scale up Fearless Collective to go from an idea to a movement that has now spread across 10 countries resulting in over thousands of women coming together on the platform.
Shilo Shiv Suleman, Artist, INK 2010 Fellow

Join us

To discover the next innovators. To create role models. To make connections. To move ideas from imagination to impact. To inspire a generation. To envision a new collaborative world!


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INK Global Foundation