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Andrea “Andi” Huels

Andrea “Andi” Huels, Chief AI ¬†Evangelist at RadiusAI, is a distinguished figure known for her pioneering role in advancing emerging technologies. With a career spanning over two decades, Andrea has garnered extensive expertise in global business development and innovation leadership, particularly in Retail, Restaurants, Supply Chain, and Healthcare sectors. Her strategic vision inspires executives to integrate AI solutions for enhanced operational intelligence and informed decision-making.

An award-winning technology leader, Andrea serves as a trusted advisor, adept at demystifying AI complexities and articulating its tangible business benefits and ROI. Her profound understanding of AI’s transformative potential has positioned her as a top influencer in the field, sought after as a keynote speaker and panelist at prestigious industry conferences worldwide.

Andrea’s illustrious career includes notable leadership roles at renowned companies such as Lenovo, General Electric, and ExxonMobil. Her tenure at Lenovo, Dematic, and GE has solidified her reputation as an AI futurist and digital disruptor, earning her recognition as one of Engatica’s “50 Most Powerful Women in Technology in 2023.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrea balances her professional pursuits with personal interests, including cycling with her four children and their English Mastiff, Penelope. Her multifaceted expertise, combined with a passion for driving technological innovation, continues to shape the future landscape of AI adoption across diverse industries.

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