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Hannah Muthoot

Hannah Muthoot is a dedicated social entrepreneur and a fourth-generation torchbearer of the Muthoot Pappachan Group. Based in Kochi, Kerala, she focuses on business development, operations, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Hannah combines her business acumen with a passion for social empowerment. An alumna of the University of Southern California, she holds a degree in social entrepreneurship. Since 2016, she has also been consulting for the Jeevan Jyothi Non-Profit Organization in Pune, India, addressing various social issues.

Currently, Hannah is spearheading the Group’s efforts in sports development for Indian youth, aiming to create a comprehensive sports ecosystem in India. This initiative seeks to inspire, uplift, and transform the next generation through the power of sports.

In March 2021, Hannah co-founded Aurah Social, a health and wellness initiative that promotes healthy living as a social movement through monthly events. These events combine physical activities with nourishing food and music, fostering a community-focused atmosphere in various picturesque locations across India.

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