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Naghma Mulla

Naghma Mulla is a transformative leader, serving as the CEO and Board Member of EdelGive Foundation for over a decade. Her visionary leadership has propelled EdelGive from a traditional grant-making foundation to a groundbreaking philanthropic asset management platform. Naghma’s strategic foresight has been instrumental in forging impactful partnerships across diverse sectors such as Education, Migration, Women, Climate, and Capacity Building. She spearheaded the creation of the pioneering GROW Fund, a philanthropic initiative supporting organizational development for 100 NGOs, revolutionizing the landscape of social impact.

In addition to her role at EdelGive, Naghma holds key positions in prominent organizations, including serving as a General Board Member at Goonj, a Board Member at Social Lens and India Climate Collaborative, and a Core Advisor to the Migrants Resilience Collaborative. Her contributions extend beyond the boardroom, as she actively engages in shaping strategic initiatives and fostering collaborative endeavors.

With a background as a Chartered Accountant, Naghma brings a unique blend of financial acumen and social impact leadership to her multifaceted role. Her expertise and dedication have earned her recognition as a driving force in the philanthropic sector, empowering communities and creating lasting change. An insightful and captivating speaker, Naghma is highly sought after to address conferences and leadership summits. 

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