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Vasundhara Das

Vasundhara Das is a versatile artist–a singer, songwriter, composer, and actress. With a rich career in the Indian film industry, she has starred in several films across various languages, including Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada. As a playback singer, Vasundhara has lent her voice to numerous Bollywood and South Indian film songs, enchanting audiences with her melodious vocals, created original soundtracks for films, and collaborated on diverse music projects, continually pushing the boundaries of her craft.

Vasundhara is also a trained drum circle facilitator, having honed her skills under the guidance of Arthur Hull. She co-founded Drumjam, a pioneering company that brings the joy of group drumming to individuals and communities. Through Drumjam’s community and children’s programs, she fosters a sense of rhythm and unity among participants, creating memorable musical experiences.

In addition to her work with Drumjam, Vasundhara is a dynamic stage performer. With her world music band, Arya, she has captivated audiences at various global events, earning acclaim as one of India’s most popular performing artists. Her performances blend traditional and contemporary elements, showcasing her versatility and passion for music.

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